May 22, 2008

Step Change Needed in Economic Performance

New Zealand needs a step change in economic performance if it is to raise the living standards of all its people and to afford the increasingly expensive healthcare treatments now available. In addition we also have a large number of baby-boomers coming through the system to retirement during the next two decades.

Productivity growth, adoption of hi-tech production methods and lower income tax rates are all part of the policy mix required. We also need to agree and implement a NZ Broadband Strategy and build links between our education system, job training and the global marketplace in a way that encourages kiwi companies to remain headquartered here and to be smart about retention of Intellectual Property rights here in New Zealand.

Whichever parties are involved in forming the next government should probably consider convening a NZ Summit of the type David Lange convened after the 1984 election. We need to debate and agree some key national goals and then set about achieving them.

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