January 4, 2013

2012 climate events - a cause for concern

This article appeared listing all the events linked to climate change.  There is no doubt that the world's weather seems to be changing or that the polar ice cap is melting.  There also seems to be little doubt that sea levels are rising. In the face of the evidence it seems reasonable to be taking measures to do what we can to reduce CO2 emissions and to re-orient our economy towards renewable energy.

Nations around the world are considering ways to reduce CO2 emissions that are aligned with economic development and full employment.  New Zealand is well placed with its bountiful use of hydro-energy.  But we should be moving towards further reduction in our reliance on imported oil and look more towards tidal, wind and solar energy.  Progress in these areas can both reduce the impact on the environment and help improve our poor Current Account deficit.  http://hot-topic.co.nz/the-year-the-earth-bit-back-top-climate-stories-of-2012/

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