August 15, 2008

Time for Wellington To Grow

Recent statistics on staff numbers show that there has been significant growth in public service jobs. This makes Wellington vulnerable to any major staff reductions in the public sector should there be any significant change to government spending in the near term. Wellington needs to develop additonal sources of growth and employment in the private sector. As many investors are finding at to their cost - it pays to diversify.

Economies of scale are well and good but we need to balance the idea of concentrating development in the CBD. From a strategic perspective having all our facilities concentrated around the CBD leaves us vulnerable in the event of an earthquake.

In an age when carbon-based transport is likely to become more expensive we need to consider alternatives. Light rail, broadband, teleworking are all concepts worth exploring. If the city is going to prosper and grow then we need to be open to the outside world and market ourselves globally. We need to attract the people and the capital to invest in modern infrastructure and we need to sell high value products and services in the global marketplace. Perhaps its time to dust off the proposal for a hi-tech business park in the northern suburbs?

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