November 24, 2009

Johnsonville Needs Infrastructure Upgrade First

Proposed changes to the Wellington City Council District Plan risk exacerbating current traffic congestion problems in Johnsonville. The City Council is closing off public submissions on Friday 27th November - despite reports that it won't get around to hearing public submissions until May 2010. The question is why the hurry to stifle public debate?

Johnsonville today simply does not have the infrastructure required to support a large increase in infill housing. Our roads are congested at peak times, our on-street parking is already difficult to navigate and other services are also likely to come under pressure in the wake of a surge in population growth.

The Council should defer consideration of this proposal until more local residents have had an opportunity to comment. Many are unaware of the scale of change being proposed and the likely impact on the community. If sitting councillors are confident about the proposed changes then I invite them to test public opinion at the ballot box during next year's local body elections.

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