March 18, 2010

Council invests $2.75million in new Newlands Community Centre building

Wellington City Council has invested $2.75million of ratepayers money in building, operating and owning a brand new Community centre building in Newlands. The project is in Wellington City Council's description of the newlands Community centre. 

The Newlands Paparangi Progressive Association should be congratulated on achieving a great outcome for their community.  They overcame the Council's apparent reluctance to own buildings.  The new centre acts as a hub for the local community and is in high demand by a variety of community groups.  It has become a focal point for building community connectedness and enhancing social capital.

There are six separate spaces in the new centre:  a drop-in space/cyber library near the entrance where people can call in, access the Internet, read the newspaper, pick up and drop off library books, sit in comfortable chairs and chat.  The centre expects to be used for holiday programmes during school holidays. Small groups can book the space for low-key activities.  There is also a performance area which has a stage, retractable tiered seating.  There is also space for tai chi, yoga and keep fit classes.

Another space is designed for youth but available to all - it looks out to a half court for activities and social occassions. There are also 3 rooms upstairs - small, medium & large size - to cover the needs of a variety of community groups. All rooms are carpeted, heated and furnished.  There is also a reception area and of course a well-equipped kitchen and toilets - as well as dedicated space for the new Toy Library and food bank. there is access for people with disabilities to the first floor via a lift.  Photos of this impressive building below.  It is situated close to the Newlands shopping centre and so is accessable to local residents.

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