April 6, 2010

Global action on climate change overdue

Climate change is real. We're seeing the effects all around us – polar ice melting, sea level rising and extreme weather events. If we want to reduce the impact of climate change and have reliable energy sources, we must make changes, at a government and individual level.  Solutions to climate change and energy crises already exist - clean energy, energy efficiency and new environmentally sound technologies.

New Zealand is reliant on overseas markets and their ability to buy our export produce.  The thing about climate change is that we really are all in it together. There is something everyone of us can do to help reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable environmental practices.  Kerbside recycline, increased research to deliver innovative no or lower carbon solutions.

Greenpeace New Zealand’s work to stop climate change and provide New Zealand with reliable energy includes:
Greenpeace has a website which is worth a look.  In addition to the vital issue of climate change Greenpeace is also active on several other issues of importance to the environment: nuclear, GE, and whaling. 

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