July 12, 2010

Kiwiblog tips Nats win

kiwiblog interpretation of the latest poll results - is that Labour are in deep trouble and have little chance of winning the 2011 election. However, the recession is not over yet and a lot can change in politics in a short space of time. On the horizon are looming challenges - for whoever forms the next government. The chronic balance of payments and current account deficits feature large in any external assessment of New Zealand's economic condition. Having said that - right now National have a handy lead in most polls.

Political parties will need to persuade the public that they have solutions for the thorny and intertwined issues of overseas indebtedness, overseas ownership and lack of NZ savings (in things other than housing).  Eventually these underlying constraints on sustainable prosperity will bubble to the surface of popular opinion and the party best prepared to resolve those concerns will be in a strong position. For now though credit card allowances, movie rentals and old sheds on Auckland's waterfront appear to be the focus of fourth estate scrutiny.

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