October 5, 2016

Lib Dems Do God - Book Review

A book published in the UK and edited by Jo Latham and Clare Mathys sets out the case for Christians to be Liberal Democrats. 

LibDems are Britain's third party and were part of the Coalition government during David Cameron's time as Prime Minister.

Under new leader Tim Farron the party has rediscovered its anti-establishment, reformist, Liberal roots.  The book sets out some key themes that identify a strong overlap between Christian values and those liberals.  These include:
  • A deep respect for human rights and the dignity of all people;
  • Freedom of religion for all;
  • Respect for individual freedom;
  • Equality for all - through combating poverty;
  • Appropriate regulatory frameworks to ensure that markets serve the common good.
  • A humanitarian approach to global issues and an internationalist approach to issues such as Climate Change, Refugees and Migration.
For people of all faith traditions "Liberal Democrats Do God" (Latham & Mathys) is well worth a read and I recommend it to anyone that has an interest in politics or broader social issues related to liberty, equality and community.

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