January 8, 2010

Criminals owe their victims $80 million - NZ Herald News

Criminals owe their victims $80 million - National - NZ Herald News
Crime victims are owed more than $80 million in reparations - a 33 per cent jump in three years.  Ministry of Justice figures show 60,000 victims were owed $80.5 million of court-ordered reparation at October 30 last year - an average of about $1300 each.  The oldest reparation still owed dates back to 1974.

It's no wonder that victims of crime are losing faith in the justice system.  Reparation payments must be strictly enforced.  Australia has a 97% collection rate - much higher than that achieved in NZ.  If it means keeping offenders in gaol until payment is made then so be it.

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